Architectural house with a holiday feeling

When you design your own home as an architect, it becomes a gem. Our partner Van Doorslaer BV took care of the manufacture and installation of the aluminum windows. For this project, the Star75 aluminium windowsystem was chosen, which stands for technology and innovation in a sleek design in combination with high-performance insulation. Ideal for low energy homes. The fittings provide an extremely burglar-proof product and the acoustic performance greatly increases living comfort. For the sliding windows, the Ultraglide was used, which is suitable for large glass surfaces and with a particularly high thermal value. The lift-slide system can handle sash weights up to 440kg. The pivoting, architectural entrance door is of the Star90 type, often used in passive projects because of its excellent thermal properties. BAO-architecten - Contractor: Van Malderen Bouwonderneming - Photos: Jaro van Meerten for The Art of Living

Contemporary house with lift-slide window

The dark windows (color 9017LC) and facade cladding fit perfectly with the light brick. Our partner EVC installed an Ultraglide lift-slide window with a flat sill at the back with a view of the garden. EVC always opt for the Max Light system for fixed windows and tilt and turn windows. Everyone loves this slim profile that comes in 4 styles. Here the Max Light was used in style version "Modern". The pool house has 2 outward opening rebated doors. --- Architect : Velor Architecten Brasschaat - Contractor: L'interior Projects Wilrijk - Photography : Nicolas da Silva Lucas

Villa with corner glass on glass

For this new-build home, our partner Alu-xtra chose the Star75 system for the windows and doors. It has a sleek design and is thermally and acoustically so well insulated that it lends to NZE-homes. They chose the VG500 monorail for the sliding window. The fixed part can be fully incorporated into the ground and ceiling so that you don't see any profile. In combination with the glass corner, you get a great indoor-outdoor living feeling. Thanks to the lift-slide system, the window opens very smoothly. And with a flat sill so that the owner does not have a threshold between inside and outside. Color of the aluminum windows and doors: 9004TC with a 25-year paint warranty, so you can be sure of the color retention. ---- HAP architects Emblem

Thatched Villa

Our partner EVC opted for an Ultraglide sliding window duorail for this beautiful villa. The profiles of the frame and vent have the same height. The flat sill provides a nice transition between inside and outside. The XL pivoting front door is a fantastic entrance. This door in profile Star90 with a flat rebated panel has a narrow recess that serves as a design handle. EVC installed the Max Light in the Modern style version for the fixed windows and tilt and turn windows. All aluminium systems have the color 9017LC. --- Architect : Velor architects Brasschaat --- Contractor : Construmax - Photography : Nicolas da Silva Lucas

Modern villa with large windows

Modern villa with large Ultraglide lift-slide windows that can handle a sash weight of up to 440kg. With a flat sill, so without stile between inside and outside when the sliding windows are open. Fixed and tilt and turn windows in Star75. All aluminum profiles in color 9004-TC with a 25-year color guarantee. --- Photos: studio Uncool

Deco Wall in 2 colors

Our partner Aluvano installed the Deco Wall facade cladding for Slagerij Calleeuw. They chose a background profile in black and click profiles in RUST-TC. A very successful combination! The RUST-TC color is a powder coating alternative to Cortensteel. It is one of the colors on which Aliplast gives a 25-year color guarantee. The DW231 was chosen as the click-on profiles: with a width of 30 mm and a depth of 40 mm you obtain dark shadows that emphasize the clean lines of the facade cladding.

Villa on the heath between the greenery

For this large house, the Star 75 i was used for the fixed and tilt and turn windows, a slim and highly insulating profile that meets the standards for BEN houses. It is perfect for creating large windows - as you can see in this project. The appearance is sleek and modern and ensures a lot of light in the house. The Ultraglide was chosen for the sliding windows because it can support a glass weight of up to 440 kg. The windows are therefore perfect to have an ideal view of the beautiful nature around. ---- Photography: Nick Cannaerts for Home Sweet Home

Villa with copper facade

For the villa with curved shapes and corten steel facade, the Star75 was chosen because it has a modern and sleek look. The window profiles were painted in 2 colours: the white 9010M of the windows inside blends in with the white walls and enhances the large spaces. Powder color 8C33AN was chosen for the exterior, which is a bronze lacquer anodization, as an alternative in powder form for the real color anodization. The owner enjoys a color guarantee of 15 years. The Star75 in the i-version was used in this house, with extra insulation around the glazing, in order to meet the high requirements for BEN houses. For the sliding windows, the Ultraglide was used, the most performing and insulating profile from the Aliplast range. The version is a monorail to see as much glass as possible and as little profile as possible. In combination with the triple glazing, you get good insulation and a beautiful end result.

Sliding windows for villa and pool house

This new-build villa has an almost 100% glassen facade of no less than 27 meters wide and 3.40 meters high. Talk about a boundless indoor-outdoor feeling! That is why the Aliplast aluminum sliding windows Ultraglide were chosen. The glass facade comprises a total of 6 sliding parts, each 1.60 meters wide. The pool house also has the same sliding window that opens at a 90° angle. The elegant handles complete the aesthetic overall picture. Architect : BNE architecten --- Photographer : Lukas De Groodt

sculptural house

The house is built in 3 levels: partly underground, a slightly elevated ground floor and a first floor with bathroom and bedrooms. Kamo Ramen from Hamme used a combination of three Aliplast aluminum systems powdercoated in black textured 905PT: the Star75 window profile combines a sleek design with high-performance insulation, the passive Star90 profile that lent itself to the large glass front door and the Ultraglide sliding window with two sliding wings for a dynamic connection of kitchen and terrace. Several corners were finished with minimalist glass-on-glass window connections that enhance the unique view and architectural character.---------- FREEK Architecten / PHOTOS: Lukas De Groodt

Contemporary semi-detached building

This large semi-detached building is playfully built with the aim of bringing a lot of light into the house. Black windows are often chosen for white plaster. Here the Star75 was chosen for the fixed and tilt and turn windows and the Ultraglide monorail for the sliding windows. Slim profiles with very good insulation values to fully enjoy the garden and to limit energy consumption. Photos: Nick De Combel

Contemporary villa De Pinte

Contemporary house with Star75 fixed and tilt and turn windows. A monorail VG500 was used for the sliding windows. All aluminum profiles are in the color 9005TC. The resident has a 25-year color guarantee on these aluminum profiles. The implementation of these windows was done by Geco Ramen en Deuren in Anzegem. Contractor: Speybroeck in Nazareth

Office with aluminum interior doors IDA

Brand new office building of Verstoep Architecture with aluminum IDA interior doors. It provides light throughout the building, but you can work undisturbed in the separate office spaces.

Deco Wall

The Deco Wall aluminum cladding perfectly matches contemporary architecture. The facade cladding consists of a simple click system with vertical or horizontal profiles in different designs. The invisible fixation and straight lines give the house a sleek look.

Contemporary house with red brick

An extreme indoor-outdoor feeling: that is the first thing you notice about this house. This is partly because the windows reach from floor to ceiling, but also because MaxLight aluminum profiles were chosen. Aluminum profiles are strong and can therefore be made slim. If you also want the narrowest possible window frames for your sliding windows, choose a monorail. The fixed part of the sliding window is just as narrow as the fixed windows and thus retains a sleek, minimalist look. Only the sliding part then has a slightly thicker profile.

Private residence Infinitum

For this beautiful contemporary home, BAO architects started from the basic concepts of light, view and space. A perfect design to use the Aliplast aluminum profiles Star75. These not only meet the aesthetic requirements but also the high thermal insulation requirements. This joinery was carried out by our customer Van Doorslaer - Londerzeel. Contractor: RDS Construct - Photos: BAO architects.

Private residence with curtain walls

Private residence Leuven

Private residence Gistel

Lots of light thanks to the slim profiles of the Max Light systems. The UltraGlide sliding window can handle large glass areas and thanks to the lift-slide system, the sash slides open easily. The flat sill emphasizes the open view and ensures easy passage from the inside to the outside.

Private residence Gavere


Addition Wesepe

Private home Wassenaar

Private home Klapstraat

Harbour Village Het Zilveren Schor Arnemuiden

Private residence Kessel

Private residence Schoten

Private residence Berlaar

Private residence Pulle

Private residence De Preitere

For this house, it was decided to combine modern technologies with the rustic stone look from the 1930s. Our best-insulating range Star 90 was chosen for this house, as a result of which it always has an optimal indoor climate.

Terrace roof

The client's request was very clear: a large covering structure that would fit in well with the style of the house. By using glass instead of polycarbonate, the amount of light entering the house remains the same as before. Thanks to the chosen dark colour (RAL code 7016LC), the terrace roof fits in perfectly with the rest of the house.

Private residence Weijers

The architect of this house wanted to combine the rustic stone look from the 1930s with the elegant and sturdy look of aluminium. The choice of a beautiful, grey colour creates a perfect harmony within the façade elements. In this way, it was possible to design a very modern house with a robust exterior.

Classical private residence

The owners of this house wanted their windows to have a rustic country look. So the Luxus range was the most obvious choice. This range has a very attractive profile for windows that are suited to classical structures.

Office Ruisbroek

The desire to work with dark colours with light accents was taken into account when designing this office building. You see this reflected in the doors and the finish of the windows. This interrupts the darkness of the wall in a playful manner.

Private residence Lokeren

Since the insulation value was of great importance for this house, it was decided to work with the super-insulating systems of Aliplast. Apart from offering a high level of insulation, the windows also give a very sleek and modern look to the building.

Private residence Kortrijk

The occupants of this house wanted the swing-open and fixed windows to look exactly the same as one another. This is perfectly achievable with the Star 75 Concealed Sash system. This design creates a perfect play of lines and a sleek modern look.

Conservatory Ramsel

Private residence The Hague

While renovating this house, based on the regulations with regard to the external appearance of buildings in The Hague, it was required to find a system that could perfectly replace steel. So, the decision to use Aliplast Steellook 1000 was an obvious choice. The slimline appearance makes it look like steel and thanks to its dark colour, there is hardly any difference with steel.

Private residence 's-Gravendeel

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