What does Aliplast do? 

 A cosy, warm and safe feeling is paramount in your home. To guarantee this sense of security, you can opt for additional burglary protection for your windows and doors.
Naturally, every window offers a basic level of security and, moreover, aluminium is a very strong and almost unbreakable material. Nevertheless, there are additional options available to make your home even more secure. Aliplast ensures that all its product ranges are tested for burglary protection (in accordance with both European and Dutch standards). A burglary resistance certificate can be provided for all Aliplast systems. ᅠ

What extra measures can you take? 


Additional security for doors:

Make the standard hinge on the door additionally secure against burglary by strengthening the hinges with liftout protection or hinge bolts. This will ensure that the door remains in place even if the hinges are forced open. In addition to strengthening the hinges, also provide for core-pulling protection for the cylinder. 

Multi-point lock:

Besides the standard door locks for sliding doors and wicket doors, you can also opt for the Aliplast 7-point lock. With this, your door is more securely fastened, which means that much more effort will be required to force it open.

Window security:

Ensure that your windows are installed with extra-safe two-star door fittings (recognisable by the logo). In addition, you can choose to replace the standard handle for one with a cylinder lock.

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