Aliplast presents new 8-meter bioclimatic pergola at Batibouw

Stand 5230 - Hal 5

Aliplast Aluminum Systems is a loyal participant of Batibouw and presents every edition a new product. This year it is the SOMNIUM, a pergola or patio roof with slats on one side and a glass roof on the other side. A total construction of 4 meters by 8 meters that can be seen on their stand, next to their other aluminum joinery (windows, doors, sliding windows, verandas and – the topper of the previous edition – the Deco Wall aluminum cladding.

Enjoy the outdoors to the fullest
Somnium, the minimalist terrace roof with slats, is a real eye-catcher in the garden and is increasingly used in catering projects. Thanks to the motorized system, which is electrically operated, the aluminum slats of this patio cover open and close simultaneously. The slats rotate up to 120° degrees for optimal comfort. This allows you to give the sun complete free rein, temper the sun's rays a bit or shield them completely.
On the other hand, thanks to this rotation technique, you also have the option of sealing the slatted roof watertight from rainfall. The water is carefully drained using an integrated gutter profile and invisibly concealed water drains in the support posts. A rain sensor is also integrated that detects drops and closes the slatted roof automatically. This way you will never be faced with surprises!

Options to make it extra cozy
With adjustable screens built into the support posts you keep out wind, water and sun. Still looking for a little more openness? Then you can opt for the GlassGlide, a full glass sliding system, which you can also see at the Batibouw stand. This way you are protected against the weather, but you still have an unobstructed view.
This slatted roof also provides the necessary protection at night. Make it pleasantly cozy with the built-in LED lighting.

The Somnium terrace roof with slats is completely custom-made and has maximum dimensions of 6m by 4.5m and 3m high, but can be linked in both length and width. In addition, you can choose from an extensive color palette, where you also enjoy an exceptional 25-year paint warranty on more than 50 colours.

Visit us at Batibouw
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