A silver C2C certificate for Aliplast

Yes, of course we are proud. We just obtained a silver Cradle-to-Cradle certificate, with “Gold” in the category Renewable energy and carbon management. And this on 10 Aliplast systems: Star65 – Star75 – Star90 – Max Light – VG500 – Infinity – MC Wall – Deco Wall – IDA and Econoline.

To receive this C2C certificate, Aliplast was evaluated on 5 key values:
1. Material Health : We are a vertically integrated company that has full control over the material. We know there are no harmful substances in our systems.

2. Renewable Energy and Climate protection : Aliplast uses 100% green energy. In addition, the CO2 emissions during the production of the certified systems are 100% compensated, which means that we are CO2 neutral. That's why we achieved "Gold" in this category. How? By recycling aluminum, by saving truck trips (everything is produced in-house),  by using the energy from our solar panels (the number of which will soon be increased to 5400 units) and by purchasing only green electricity.

3. Product circularity: we mainly use recycled billets and melted more than 4000 tons of aluminum scrap in 2021, achieving a recycling rate of 60%.

4. Social Fairness: with various actions we improve the well-being of our employees and our environment. We will soon be planting a forest together, we support schools and solidarity actions and we received the award of 'Inclusive Enterprise'.

5. Water Stewardship : we reduced waste water in our paint shops from 80m³ to 16m³ per day and reduced water consumption by 5% over the past 5 years.

Aliplast, together towards a sustainable future!