Choosing a sliding window: what to look out for?

Light, space, openness. With a sliding window, all this is at your fingertips. Sliding windows create a minimalist look for your home and a sublime view outside. There are different systems, not a 'one size fits all' approach. So how do you choose the right sliding window and what should you pay attention to? Aliplast helps you make an informed choice for your new construction or renovation.


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Mono, duo or three-rail sliding window?

Sliding windows are available in mono, duo or three-rail versions. You can find out exactly what those entail here.


  • Monorail: highly recommended if you only want 1 sliding part. The fixed part is always the same size or larger than the sliding part. A monorail sliding window has 1 rail. It has a fixed frame with a narrow profile, giving the window a sleek and sophisticated look. Thanks to its narrow profile, you enjoy maximum light ingress.


  • Duorail: with a duorail sliding window, you have 2 sashes, one or both of which you can slide. The identical sashes have the same frame width. This gives a more symmetrical appearance. Your sliding window can consist of 2, 3 or 4 parts.


  • Three-rail: choose a three-rail version if you want maximum access to the outside. The sliding window consists of 3 sashes, 2 of which can be fully slid aside. Or even of 6 sashes, with the middle sections each sliding to a different side.



Sliding window or lift-slide system

The next thing to consider is - do you want a sliding window that slides or a lift-slide system? The latter is more convenient with larger or heavier windows. Closed, the sliding window rests on a rubber seal that provides a better seal against wind and water. When opened, the sliding window rises slightly, allowing you to slide it with less friction.

When opened, the sliding window rises slightly, allowing you to slide it with less friction.

Photographer: Nicolas da Silva Lucas

The absolute top in this segment is the VG500 from Aliplast, a universal sliding system with impressive thermal performance. Or the Ultraglide for large glass surfaces, with a lift-slide system that can handle a sash weight of up to 440 kg. An open corner without a centre post and a recessed sill contribute to a sublime indoor-outdoor feeling. These sliding windows and lift-slide systems are available with slim profiles.


A word about that sill or threshold: a flat sill is possible for both sliding windows and the lift-slide system. The frame of the sliding window is recessed in the ground for this. This prevents having to step over the sill when entering or leaving, which is also pleasant for people with mobility issues.

Sliding window with burglary protection

Looks and comfort are important, and so is security. An aluminium sliding window is a very strong and almost unbreakable material to start with. Nevertheless, we advise you to make your sliding window extra secure. There are several options for doing this adequately.


A lift-out prevention device, for example, prevents burglars from lifting the sash out of the rails. Also choose a multi-point lock: the locking points are then distributed along the entire length of the door. These are operated using a handle or cylinder key. Aliplast locks are SKG-approved, which means they get excellent ratings for sliding windows with burglary protection. Each sliding window is also tested for the security factor. Aliplast has been awarded an RC2 certificate, so it meets European standards. With a sliding window from Aliplast, you can sleep soundly.


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